About Re-Mind Health

“Health and fitness has never been a fad or a trend. It’s always been and always will be a necessity.”


"Eating healthy" just isn't enough anymore. So much about the foods available to the public has changed in a short time that "eating healthy" or being a "health nut" hasn't led to anyone being much more healthy, losing weight or getting off the medications.

A new approach is needed if we're going to transcend into a state of optimum health...a state so few of us in modern times truly experience. We need new knowledge to navigate the new world of food in the 21st century. The secrets to optimum health for life are here in plain sight yet hidden through a maze of propaganda, TV commercials, confusing nutritional studies and more.

Our courses were developed over 20 years and thousands of hours of research and experimentation to get to the truth. In the end, it's all so simple, yet so deep and profound.

What we learned is that it's more than just the food...

We needed a mindset paradigm shift. We needed to "Re-Mind". Re-Mind Health was born.

We packaged all this knowledge, research and understanding into an easy to follow video based health coaching course and priced it way below it's worth of a lifetime of optimum health. We priced it low to give anyone the opportunity to become optimally healthy on your own terms and in your own way. The manifestation of all those health goals like losing weight or reversing disease happen without effort and last a lifetime.

The information contained within the classes are completely unbiased. The information we provide is 100% pure. We have no sponsors, affiliates or investors. We are completely supported only by our own desire to promote optimum health and those that choose to pay a small amount to profoundly reshape their health for life. This is our only support that enables us to continue our cause, and for that, we are grateful to you.

We look forward to helping you on your journey to a place of optimum health. It's a journey we have taken...and it's amazing.

How We Do It

1. Creating an online video based health coaching and health training course community
2. Progressive step-by-step video tutorials
3. "Re-minding" the world with a whole new health mindset.

Our Cause

Our cause is to inspire and empower the world to be optimally healthy on their own terms in a revolutionary way - for life.

We Believe

1. everyone should be healthy. Not just "not sick", but optimally healthy.
2. everyone can become healthy without diet plans
3. or counting calories
4. and without the meds
5. that every human being should be empowered to be in control of their own health
6. and to navigate the "new world of food"
7. and to challenge the status quo