Your Body Image and Weight Loss

unrealistic body image

What I mean by body image is the unrealistic and often unhealthy image that society would have you believe is the way you should look. It's wrong but it's quite profitable. Let me explain...

Our brains are being saturated with all forms of entertainment and advertising. These include movies, magazines, TV, billboards, advertisements from multiple sources and forms, celebrities...even well targeted news reports that are not even "news". It's all around us from the time we wake up until we go to bed at night.

Subconsciously along the way, we are constantly being shown what someone else would like to have you believe is what you are supposed to look like.

From our body weight to the clothes we wear to hair color and everything in between. How? Keep reading...

Body Image in Magazines

In magazines, they use photoshop and other programs to alter the models' pictures to unrealistic dimensions and remove natural "imperfections" showcasing to you an impossibly perfect person...who doesn't exist.

This can influence how we see ourselves. It forces us, in a subconscious way, to notice and evaluate our "imperfections" as defined by society. When we see "imperfections", we want to correct them somehow which leads you down the road of profitability for others regardless of the health consequences for yourself.

This is advertising and influence through the media that effects adults and children alike.

Magazines and publications

Body Image in Movies

In movies, they use specialized lighting, camera angles and plenty of other tricks to make the characters look exactly perfect every time. Shorter or taller, skinnier or fatter, more or less muscular.

Or, taking it a step the good characters in movies a certain set of features and the bad characters another set of features in a fairly consistent pattern. Everyone wants to be the good guy right? If all the good guys in moving have similar features, it sends a message subconsciously.

On a subconscious level, this can have an influence on how we see ourselves in comparison to the characters we see. This drives behaviors without your knowledge or even consent.

In essence, these images and the characteristics of the characters, "sell" a body image, clothes, hair color among other things which translates into billions of dollars being spent to have that same kind of look.

News-Based Influence on Body Image

News outlets are a major source of the subconscious body image we apply to ourselves. It is a clever way of advertising and influence without the "advertisement".

Think about all the times you have seen news reports of a celebrity who lost a substantial amount of weight, changed their hair and got back in their bikini in a very short period of time. Of course, they'll always show before and after pics, right? The "after" pic is somehow always the epitome of perfection (thanks photoshop!). 

This isn't "news" but a story like that will saturate every news source out there for you to see no matter where you look. Now think about the revenue something like this could drive to weight loss programs, botox and even plastic surgery. All because we think that we have to do that in a way that is unhealthy and dangerous...yet profitable.

Impact of Subconscious Propaganda on Body Image

This isn't've been fed these images since you were born and it has effected everyone at some level or another for your entire lifetime. I have heard of small children who want to go on a diet because they think they are fat even if they're not. Now I'm not certain, but I'd be willing to bet that their parents did not tell their kid to go on a diet. These poor children got that message from somewhere else...who knows where.

The point I want to drive home here is that any time you can convince someone to be something they're not, there's money to be made in that manipulation. If they can't tell you to your face to be something you're not, they'll just put it in your face instead.

If you want to try to be like the perfect models (male or female) you see in the magazines or in the movies, you'll spend an insane amount of money trying as you fail for all the wrong reasons. But, along the way, someone's making a ton of cash. Don't be this victim.


The reason I took you down this road is for 2 reasons.

  1. Because when it comes to healthy weight loss, skinny as a body image does not equal healthy. But skinny sells and it is what someone would like you to believe is what you should look like.
  2. The road to "skinny" is very expensive and profitable. As long as this is your mindset, you will always spend plenty of money trying methods that don't work as you compromise your health. 

What I want you to believe, and what you should believe, is that your renewed focus on optimum health will bring you vitality, health and strength and the healthy weight loss that comes with it. This is a total shift in mindset.

This new optimum state of health will result in the proper physique that your unique body should have. Isn't that what healthy weight loss is all about? You'll know it when you get to your own optimum "weight" me!

Suddenly, weight becomes secondary to health because you've internalized this concept. Vitality, health and strength builds confidence and you feel amazing. 

You're now aware of what was once subconscious messages about your body image from outside sources.

Those negative thoughts can no longer exercise power and influence over you. You're now powerful and in control.

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