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Paleo Diet Basics

Paleo diet basics begin with understanding what we know of human history prior to our development of agriculture that began between 10,000-12,000 years ago. In the time prior to that, what we call the paleolithic era, we know that our cave dwelling ancestors were hunter-gatherers and thus, hunted for meat and gathered any edible vegetation available...[Read More]

The Paleo Diet Food List

The paleo diet food list consists of items that our cave dwelling ancestors from long ago would have had on their menu. Depending on where on the planet they resided and what the climate and surrounding areas were like, they gathered all the roots, seeds, leafy greens, fruits and vegetables they could along with any meats available like fish or elk for example. ...basically anything that a cave man would have had access to...and nothing he didn't...[Read More]

The Benefits of Drinking Water

Seems simple though, right? There are numerous benefits of drinking water! The problem here is that water and soda pop are in a battle for the most popular beverages consumed in the U.S....And these two beverages are at opposite ends of the spectrum in terms of their effects on vitality, health and strength.

The benefits of drinking water as opposed to sugary beverages are numerous and making the switch will deliver benefits to your health immediately...[Read More]

Why Drinking Water Purification May be the Most Important Part of a Healthy Diet

Drinking water purification is one of the single most important things we can take control of that will positively impact our health. Unquestionably, water is the number one nutrient we need and composes as much as 65-70% of the average human body. Every single day of our lives, our body depends on it either directly or indirectly for every bodily function...[Read More]

The Top 9 Benefits of Eating Healthy

Below is a brief list of the benefits of eating healthy. Specifically noted, however, a knowledge-based and conscious approach to eating. The below benefits are maximized by eating clean unaltered foods like organic fruits and vegetables, organic grass fed meats and the proper ratio of healthy fats...[Read More]

Why You Should Try Juicing and Its Many Benefits

The benefits of juicing are many and it's kind of exciting starting something like this because it's new and different, maybe even a little scary, because you're wondering what the juice may taste like and how it'll turn out. This is great because I want you to have fun with this!...[Read More]

Organic Grass Fed Meat May be the KEY to Promoting Better Health

If you're a meat eater like I am, then you need to know that organic grass fed meat is very different from conventionally raised meats in several key areas that directly effect the health of the human that dines on it.

Unfortunately, the corporate-based profit driven food industry objectives are to lower costs and increase production by any means possible regardless of the nutritional changes that may occur...[Read More]

Top 10 Tips For Healthy Weight Loss

Healthy weight loss can be a fun and exciting journey. It doesn't have to mean calorie counting, deprivation and long hours at the gym!

Below are our top 10 tips for healthy weight loss that will transform your healthy weight loss journey into a fun, rewarding and empowering experience!...[Read More]

How the Fat Free Revolution Destroyed Health in America

The fat free food industry has done a great job of convincing everyone that fat will kill you. Very effective food advertisements have saturated our collective conscience and is backed up at the fat free foods we see at the grocery stores...[Read More]

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