Genetically Modified Foods (GMO's)

Stop GMO's!

Genetically modified foods (GMO's) have an effect on our health, despite the rhetoric and propaganda to the contrary.

I stand firmly against the idea of altering our food for many reasons outside the context of building vitality, health and strength for all of us.

Since this site is all about healthy foods and the optimum health we can achieve with them, we'll stay in context about how genetically modified foods can effect our health without turning this into a science project. That being said, we won't get into the other dynamics (and there are many) of this dangerous game we're playing with nature and our food supply.

Genetically Modified Foods - What Are They?

Genetically modified foods are foods that have had their genetic makeup altered using genetic engineering. They are generally referred to as GMO's or genetically modified organisms.

These foods have not been fully studied for their effects on health either. Regardless, they promote this as good and healthy for everyone and everything.

Genetically Modified Foods - Health Effects

For the studies that have taken place, some have shown that they leave behind harmful materials in your body that are linked to cancer.

Animal studies have shown that they damage organs, create immunity disorders and infertility. (Sounds familiar. Seems to be a problem among people these days too.)

Need to hear more? A few more examples:

  • Since they were first introduced in 1996, the percentage of people with chronic illnesses jumped from 7% to 13% within 9 years...almost doubling.
  • Food allergies suddenly became commonplace where before it was a much more rare occurrence.
  • Autism, digestive problems and infertility issues increased.
  • Toxic pesticides found in genetically modified corn was detected in the blood of unborn fetuses.

What Else Could GMO's Be Dong To Our Health?

What else might this be doing to your health? Who really knows. Much of the independent research that paints this in a bad light is suppressed. The researchers who find that GMO foods have negative attributes are often threatened, fired, publically discredited in other ways or their research funding is stopped.

There can only be one reason for that and it's not good news for the consumer...someone stands to lose money if good subjective and independent information became widespread.

No way can this contribute to optimum health. Regardless, the companies that promote it as good are the same ones reaping big-time profits and running the farmers out of town who are trying to do the right thing.

Genetically Modified Foods - What Else Do We Need To Know?

They promote the use of more synthetic chemicals because the plants have been genetically modified so that they are not killed when weed killers and synthetic herbicides are used on them.

I don't know about you, but I'm not genetically modified not be killed by these synthetic chemicals. 

All these years later, GMO foods are now found in 70% of packaged and processed foods. Chances are, much of the nice looking conventionally grown produce you picked up at the grocery store is likely also genetically modified. 

Here's a good link with some more information about GMO's and why we should not be eating them.

GMO Salmon, Too? Where Will It Stop?

On Thursday 11/19/15, the FDA approved the use of genetically engineered salmon (GE salmon) for human consumption produced by Aquabounty. The Center for Food Safety then announced its plans to sue the FDA to block the approval. The article written by the Center for Food Safety can be found here.

More information on genetically engineering salmon can be found here.

How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

Luckily, this is an easy question to answer and doesn't take much effort to avoid.

Organically grown foods are not allowed to be genetically modified as a requirement of being labeled organic...and I sure hope it stays that way. When buying fruits, vegetables, meats, nuts and dairy products, buying organic will keep you on the good side of this topic. 

An even easier way to avoid GMO foods is to demand organic, just like many other developed countries in the world have done.

In fact, many countries will not accept American GMO crops into their country and will certainly not allow any GMO seeds to be planted in their country...for good reason.

As a society, we can't fight the genetic modification of food in a frontal attack. That would never be successful.

What we can do is buy organic to send a strong message to the food industry that we stand for optimum health and informed conscious choice.

Buying organic does 2 things...creates demand for organic foods. It also reduces demand for GMO foods.

We can change our world, one dollar at a time. 

You can also improve your vitality, health and strength one bite at a time.

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