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How to start juicing is part of a series on juicing so you can get maximum benefit from your juicing experience.

How to start juicing focuses on everything you will need to know to get started the right way, know what to expect and then stay with it so that it becomes a natural part of your daily or weekly routine.

The problem is...many people start juicing and are excited about all the health benefits it will bring them, but then juice less and less until the juicer is collecting dust in a corner in the kitchen.

Have no fear! We're going to help you fix that potential problem too.

Below, this is broken down into all the functional parts you'll need to know to get started...and it all starts with having the right mindset.


As described in other areas of this website, the mindset you have for the reason you have decided to learn how to start juicing has a profound effect on the outcome. For example, your reason for juicing may be because you want to lose weight or detox. But these are surface level goals that can lead to that juicer sitting in the corner collecting dust. Let me explain...

The real reason you want to learn how to start juicing -- underneath the social conditioning -- is to achieve optimum health. True vitality, health and strength. The surface level goals are the results you get from achieving optimum health and not the other way around.

A focus on surface level results or goals forces us on a path of fear and regret. Complete disempowerment. 

Focusing on trying out juicing to lose weight, for example, is a fear-based effort in an attempt to use this strategy to achieve the outcome. Fear that you don't lose weight, or worse, fear that you'll put more on. The regret comes when it either doesn't work like you had hoped or the weight loss was temporary. Guilt is felt when you miss a day of juicing and you blame yourself for being lazy.

Focusing on the true goal of optimum health empowers you and leads you down a courageous path. Instead of disappointment and fear, your new path guides decision making based on new knowledge you have attained by the drive to learn how to achieve your true potential. The emotions turn to accomplishment and confidence as you learn more and experience more success, no matter how incremental. That's when the surface level results start happening!

Juicing is a supplement. A part of an overall healthy diet that you employ to help you achieve vitality, health and strength. It is not the fountain of youth all by itself.

So now we've come full to start juicing. It starts with the mindset that this will bring you optimum health and will lead you to the results you want by accomplishing that true goal.

The surface level goals are the ones that are placed in your mind by the social conditioning of our profit-driven society.

Now that you know what role juicing plays in your life and health goals, it is much easier to use this long term. The reason for this is because once you accomplish a goal, you stop...and the juicer collects dust. Yet, maintaining vitality health and strength lasts for a lifetime. And then so will the juicing. It becomes incorporated into your normal daily or weekly routine in your continued life-long effort to maintain vitality, health and strength.

What You'll Need

Juicing ItemsEverything you need to start juicing!

Of course, once you know how to start juicing, you'll need the right gear!

Pictured above is all I use when I juice. Here is what I have pictured:

  • Omega VRT-350 masticating Juicer...absolutely outstanding juicer. Needless to say, it's highly recommended.
  • A few large bowls to store prepared fruits and veggies after cutting them up so they fit in the juicer.
  • Cutting boards
  • Natural veggie wash which removes chemicals, soil and waxes from the fruits and veggies.
  • A couple of good knives to cut the ingredients
  • A pitcher that we pour the juice into because I like to stir the juice before I pour it into the cups.

What To Expect

Expectations and the reality you will create are the next components of how to start juicing. Especially now that you have the right mindset in place. With that mindset, some new insightful knowledge will take you the rest of the way! We'll keep it simple and use easy to remember bullet points:

  • Depending on your past and current eating habits, juicing may enable your body to quickly rid itself of toxins which is great news! But, in order for this to happen, the tissues in your body must first unload these toxins into your blood to be removed by your liver and kidneys. During this process, you may feel some lethargy, headaches and just a feeling of being "off". This is normal depending, again, on the amount of toxins you have built up in your body. Don't give up now! You didn't ruin your juice, make it wrong or get some bad carrots. Your body is cleaning itself from the inside out but those toxins have to go back through your blood before they can be removed. 
  • You'll spend some time juicing. Juicing requires that you wash the fruits and veggies with a good veggie wash, prepare them, juice them, drink and clean up which takes a good 20-30 minutes at least per juicing session. 
  • You'll find that you'll like juicing fruits and veggies that you don't necessarily like to eat. So try blending in some items that you don't normally get to diversify your nutritional variety. I, for instance, am not a beet fan but the juice is delicious!
  • I am certain that the first time you lay your eyes on a glassful of crayon-green juice that looks more like pond water than anything edible, you will think that it will taste terrible and you will be scared to try it! Just take the plunge and you'll be pleasantly surprised!
  • When you first learn how to start juicing, you'll use juicing recipes. Once you get the hang of it, you'll start mixing and matching all kinds of fruits and veggies or whatever you have and make your own concoctions. This can get fun!
  • There are certain ingredients, like ginger and lemon grass, that you'll learn very quickly to use a very small amount of. Once, I got overzealous and used WAY too much ginger root and let me tell you...drinking that glass of juice was like shooting straight Scotch whiskey! Never did that again!

What To Juice

Just about any fruit, veggie, root, leafy green and herb you can get your hands on. As always, I always strongly recommend organic fruits and veggies for a long list of reasons. Here's a list of my favorite juicing ingredients in no particular order:

  • Kale
  • Ginger
  • Collard Greens
  • Beets
  • Zucchini
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Bell peppers
  • Spinach
  • Apple 
  • Mango
  • Fresh basil
  • Cucumber
  • Leeks
  • Radishes
  • Chard

When To Juice

  • Juice just before your meals so that the nutrients get straight into your body.
  • Also eat a small meal 2-4 hours before juicing. The reason for this is because when your liver cleans the toxins out of your blood from juicing, you need something in your gut that can absorb those toxins and pass them out of your body. If your gut is empty, you will risk reabsorbing those toxins from your digestive tract right back into your blood again.

How Often To Juice

When first learning how to start juicing, juice 2 or 3 times per week for a couple of weeks with small glasses of about 8oz per serving.

When you go to the grocery store or farmers market, get enough fresh fruits and veggies to last you about 4 or 5 days. Be sure to use the proper storage areas in your fridge and set them to fruit or veggie to help them last as long as possible.

Plan the days you're going to juice so that you don't waste any food before they begin going bad. This will allow you to juice about 3 times per week...give or take.

Doing this will allow your body to detoxify and load up on a wide array of nutrients over the course of the first week or two.

Follow the other recommendations on this website for eating healthy and achieving vitality, health and strength and combine it with juicing. By doing this, you can reduce juicing to just once or twice per week to use as a supplement to your awesome diet.

These are just guidelines. If you want to juice more then go for it! I can't think of any reason why you shouldn't.

Listen to your body. If you want to juice more, or less, that's fine. Mix and match ingredients and you'll discover what you like the most. And don't stop experimenting...try new ingredients! 

Just settle into your own routine that's right for you. You'll feel amazing. You'll look amazing. And you know that you're doing a lot of favors for yourself and that always drives more confidence and empowerment! 

How Much To Juice

When first learning how to start juicing, a small glass of about 8oz is all you need. I recommend this because you don't want to detoxify your body too quickly to avoid the side effects of having too many toxins in your blood all at one time.

If you have a lot of built up toxins in your body and you flush them all out with a large amount of juice, you'll feel bad for a while until your liver and kidneys can get it out of your body. Do this more slowly and go easy on your body.

As you get more experienced, gradually increase it to about 12-16oz if you'd like. I typically juice within this range.

Again, once you become more experienced, you'll settle into a routine and juice an amount that is just right for you.

How To Start Juicing - Best Practices

  • Research the different kinds of juicers before you buy one. As with anything, there are advantages and disadvantages to different kinds of juicers. Get the right one for you and you'll never have to look back and wish you bought a different kind. A great place to start is with Omega Juicers.
  • When you first learn how to start juicing, start with a small glass of juice (about 8 oz) and then you can work yourself up to larger glasses as you detoxify at a slower pace rather than all at once. 
  • Follow juicing recipes first until you get the hang of how much to use of what ingredients to make the amount of juice you want. For instance, you could clean and prepare a very large bowl of kale and the amount of juice you get from it is small. An apple or carrots make much more juice by comparison.
  • Juice 90% veggie to 10% fruit to keep the sugar levels in check but still have great tasting juice. Mix, match and experiment!
  • Mix in herbs such as a little fresh parsley or basil for a great nutritional boost and flavor.
  • Clean your juicer right after you use it. It is much easier to clean right away rather than waiting.
  • Use a great and natural veggie and fruit wash that effectively removes dirt, debris and any residues. This is especially true of leafy greens. They can be quite dirty and you don't want to juice dirty veggies and risk drinking anything that could contaminate your juice.

How To Stick With It

Once you learn how to start juicing and it becomes easy, it will become a normal part of your weekly long as your mindset stays within the realm of achieving vitality, health and strength.

Optimum health is not a "goal" in the traditional sense of the word because it is a lifelong quest. Our health is the single most important asset we possess. Without it, nothing else in life can be fully enjoyed. Period. So we don't achieve optimum health...we maintain it.

If your focus is on a surface level goal -- like losing weight -- then once that goal is achieved, the juicing stops. It's a psychological play on your mind that directly transfers to your behaviors.

Maintain the right mindset, maintain the juicing!

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