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Juice cleansing is a buzz word I hear all too often and it's important not to take your efforts to detoxify your body too far. It's important to know that:

It's not the juice that cleanses...it's the nutritional profile of the juice that enables the body to cleanse itself.

That being said, the important thing to know here is that when juicing, your body is more fully enabled to remove toxins through the liver and kidneys. So, it is important to drink plenty of water before and after juicing to enable your body to effectively remove the toxins through the urine and eat a well balanced diet as a part of juicing to enable your body to remove toxins through the liver and into your bowels. 

Juice Cleansing As A Part Of A Balanced Diet

The reason it is important to also have a well balanced diet as a part of juicing is because when your liver removes toxins into your bowels after juicing, it will need to be moved out of your body through the fiber present in your bowels.

If there is nothing in your gut to absorb the toxins being sent there by the liver and then passed out of your body, it could be reabsorbed again.

So, juice cleansing could create a problem whereby your body uses the nutrients provided by the juice to detoxify. But because of a lack of fiber in your gut, your bowels could reabsorb the same toxins right back into your body again.

This is why I do not advocate juice fasting alone.

Generally, juicing should be used as a supplement -- a tool -- as a part of an overall balanced organic diet. Otherwise, you risk not being able to capitalize on the health benefits of juicing you're hoping to get from the effort.

If your health is very bad or you are very obese, you could try a juice cleanse similar to what is shown in a very good documentary called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead by Joe Cross. This is a cool story about his journey from obesity, medications and a long list of health issues to excellent health using juice as a tool. He goes on a juice fast first, then transitions to a healthy diet. Great documentary and good information! But, please proceed under the supervision of a doctor before making such an extreme measure.

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