Managing Costs for Healthy Foods


Look, managing costs for organic grass fed meat, fruits and veggies will rearrange your budget some. I'm not going to lie about that. But there's a bit more to it than this and I hope this article will put a few things in perspective.

Cheap conventional foods are profitable to the suppliers and it's very easy to get taken down the road of the cheapest food. Worse, it's not easy settling into a new food budget especially when it's more money out of your pocket.

But, you can pay the farmer or you can pay the doctor.

No one is simply going to spend more money at the grocery store if there is no additional perceived value.

The value that you would perceive by shifting your shopping list to healthier food choices can only come through new knowledge and the informed conscious choice it drives.

This website will take care of the knowledge and informed choice piece. Now, let's soften the blow a little by going through a few tips...

A Few Money Saving Tips

  • If you are purchasing your organic grass fed meat products from your local health food store, shop the sales. Whole Foods, for example, will put grass fed steaks and ground beef on sale quite commonly and, when they do, we stock up!
  • Subscribe to email lists, weekly fliers and other grocery store publications so that you can plan your shopping trips around sales and coupons when they're available.
  • Purchasing online is a great way to price shop. There are coupon codes right here on this website for Greensbury Market to help reduce your costs for meats which can be an expensive component of any grocery bill.
  • Buy in bulk. It can be a bit harder from a financial sense just because of the initial sticker shock. However, when you buy in bulk, you can often get free shipping as well and I take advantage of that every time. It's also nice because you'll be buying enough to get you through several weeks or a month at a time and reducing your weekly grocery bill in the coming weeks. 

Managing Costs - Some Perspective

Another tip to keep this in perspective...

Most people think "gym membership" or "expensive diet plan" when they need to lose a few pounds, get in better shape or just improve their health.

Fitting super healthy organic super foods into your budget will most certainly cost you less than a specialized diet plan and a gym membership. More importantly, it will lay the foundation for living a healthier life without you having to do much else. 

Now, don't get me wrong, getting fit at the gym is a great thing to do and I'm all for it...but take care of the diet first and fuel your body right to make those workouts count to the max.

If a tight budget was what I was working with and I had to choose between the gym or an optimum diet, I'd take the optimum diet any day of the week. All I'd need to do then is go for a walk or run abound the block 4 times a week (for free) and watch those pounds fall off fast in the most healthy way possible. That's vitality, health and strength on a budget!

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