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Your mindset has a significant influence on your outcomes and how easy or hard your desired outcomes are to achieve. This will change everything you thought you knew about how you look at and perceive your health goals.

Sometimes, the mindsets you think are positive (and have been taught to you as positive) can sabotage your success and you may not even know it.

This can be extremely frustrating because it is very difficult to identify what is making your journey so hard.

Your Mindsets About Health May Not Be Your Own

The mindsets many of us possess have been systematically plugged into your mind through profit-based social conditioning.

This conditioning drives a mindset that keeps you in perpetual failure and keeps you a good paying customer for diet plans and pharmaceutical companies.

The social conditioning of our society has taught us to focus on surface-level outcomes rather than what really lies underneath them. The focus in is here and now with no waiting and no effort. This leads ultimately to failure for you, and profit for the companies supporting the surface-level outcomes you seek.

Magazines and Propaganda

By keeping your mind focused on these surface-level outcomes and the easy path they sell you, it is not surprising that we don't look any deeper for the knowledge that is right in front of us that would enable and empower us to reach the outcome we want in a permanent and low-cost way.

In short, we have been convinced to "outsource" our health rather than take our own personal responsibility for it.

Only you can take responsibility for your health.

It wouldn't be profitable if you apply your knowledge and took responsibility for your health. So, the social conditioning, advertisements keep us all on the road most of us have been lead down.

A Mindset Shift To Take Control

The mindset I am referring to boils down to the shift from focusing from what you don't want to what you do want. The nice thing about this knowledge is that is applies to all aspects of your life, not just improving your health.

Below is how this small shift works:

Focusing On What You Don't Want

  • You act in fear and avoidance. This is not an empowering emotion or mindset.
  • You empower that which you do not want by applying energy and focus upon it.
  • Incubates feelings of guilt and shame when goals are not accomplished or you fail in your effort of avoidance.
  • Leads to failure and "giving up" further fostering a negative outlook on other goals in your life.

Focusing On What You Do Want

  • Guides decision making keeping you on track and focused on the goal regardless of the obstacles or course corrections needed to get to the destination.
  • You empower that which you do want by applying focus and energy upon it.
  • Incubates feelings of accomplishment and triumph no matter how small the achievement and drives you towards even more progress.
  • Leads to accomplishment and confidence fostering a positive outlook on other goals in your life.

Mindset Of Losing Weight

Now that we've established where to focus our thoughts and energy, let's apply this to a common health goal as an example.

Most people looking to drop those extra pounds focus on "losing weight". The focus here is on weight. Whether it is to gain it or lose it really doesn't matter.

This puts us on the path of acting in the avoidance of gaining more weight doesn't it? This is fear-based and leads to failure and feelings of shame and guilt if accomplishments or even small improvements are not made or not made at the pace hoped for.

This is undermining you're true power to transform although, on the surface, "losing weight" appears to be a worthy mindset to have. And so...the path to failure is hidden in plain sight.

For those that do lose weight, it's usually temporary.

Mindset Of Achieving Health

Shifting the focus from "losing weight" to "achieving health" and building a healthy body changes everything.

Losing weight is a side effect of health, not the other way around. 

So...achieving heath gets you what you truly want. Focusing on health guides the eating decisions you make every day and encourages you to gain the knowledge to help you even more in your endeavor.

As you become more healthy, small incremental improvements are manifesting and the weight drops off as a byproduct of your internal compass guiding you to the success of building health...not losing weight.

You begin to feel empowered and proud and your body feels energetic and invigorated.

This fuels your desire for more and a burning determination to accomplish your goal manifests in the most positive way. Nothing can stop you now!

The VHS Mindset

The VHS Mindset is simply a re-focus on the deep down goals you really want and not on the surface-level outcome.

This applies to every article on this website. The ultimate goal is Vitality, Health and Strength...VHS.

Losing weight, gaining muscle, reversing disease, preventing disease and illness, more energy, better concentration, getting off the pills....of these are examples of surface-level goals.

Achieving these goals does not generate vitality, health and strength. Achieving vitality, health and strength generates the achievement of these goals! 

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