The Modern Diet Plan

Warning! Avoid the modern diet plan!

The modern diet plan is a profit-driven method to help you achieve surface-level goals while keeping you blind to the true underlying purpose of achieving vitality, health and strength.

The mindset being sold is one of a quick fix. It drives the desire of the "customer" to outsource health goals to someone else. This mindset will only work temporarily and will make someone money which is it's primary intended purpose. This will not to make you healthy or able to make independent decisions about how you will decide how to drive your own health initiatives. 

This is why the mindset you possess has a profound impact on the success or failure of these goals. The mindsets being set by our profit-driven society in our conscious thoughts are put there through the modern diet plan, advertisements and other propaganda. They are false mindsets that drive profit and revenue, not health.

This propaganda makes the modern diet plan socially acceptable only because of the social conditioning we have all received throughout our lives. When you hear certain things over and over again throughout your life, it's hard to think critically about the ideologies that may not even be your own deep down inside.

Regardless of what we have been lead to believe, eating healthy foods is not a "diet plan" never has been and it never will be. It is a knowledge based decision about what and when to eat.

Our ancestors, not so very long ago, never had any diet plans and rarely saw many of the health afflictions we see commonly in today's society such as obesity and autoimmune disorders. 

A diet plan is not what we need any more. We need knowledge to guide decision making to make life long positive changes for our health. 

The modern diet plan is:

  • Someone else's idea of what you should be eating being imposed upon you
  • Separates you from the knowledge you need to feed yourself for optimum health
  • Is profit driven, not necessarily health driven.
  • Can be expensive. More expensive than simply purchasing the right healthy foods. 
  • Is typically targeted at a specific goal such as losing weight but can lose sight of the bigger picture...your overall healthy state. 
  • Is often temporary. Once you achieve the goal (or if you achieved the goal), the "diet" is stopped and the results you desired are quickly lost and so begins your roller coaster ride. 
  • Does not deliver to you the life changing knowledge needed to guide decision making throughout your future.
  • Is hard on your emotions because of the ups and downs, the successes and failures and the confusion about not knowing why.

Having said all this, simply suggesting you to eat more fruits and veggies would not cover many other dynamics associated with what we refer to as healthy foods -- it just isn't that simple any more in today's context.

And, quite frankly, telling anyone to eat more fruits and veggies would be insulting their intelligence and this website has far more substance and respect for you than that!

There is absolutely NO REASON to pay good money for a diet plan when you can spend a little more for high quality healthy foods and get far better results that last a lifetime.

The real cost, however, is not in money. It is in the investment in time that you spend learning about what now defines healthy foods and apply that knowledge to your every day life. You can do that with And the mindset will drive the activity to use this new knowledge to free yourself and embrace a new you.

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