Top 9 Benefits of Eating Healthy

Below is a brief list of the benefits of eating healthy. Specifically noted, however, a knowledge-based and conscious approach to eating. The below benefits are maximized by eating clean unaltered foods like organic fruits and vegetables, organic grass fed meats and the proper ratio of healthy fats.

#3: Higher Nutrition and Enzyme Intake

This is perhaps one of the most critical components. Your body and mind perform at its peak when proper nutrition levels are met from natural sources as is intended. Proper amounts of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals fuel metabolism, prevent and reverse disease and provide the building blocks for your entire body.

Even your brain requires sufficient amounts of omega-3 fatty acids in order to perform at its best when it comes to mood, memory and clear thinking.

#2: Hormone Regulation

By eating organic and purifying your water to remove harmful chemicals, you'll have less exposure to some really nasty stuff that can interfere with natural hormone regulation.

Hormones regulate almost all body functions ranging from:

  • metabolism 
  • hunger 
  • sleep
  • stress
  • growth and cell production
  • overall energy levels

#1: No Diet Plans - Amazing Benefit of Eating Healthy!

Eating healthy has never been called a diet plan. Healthy eating through informed conscious choice makes diet plans obsolete.

A diet plan is someone else's idea of what you should be eating and it also happens to be quite a profitable venture. Taking back the control of what you eat puts you in the drivers seat for life.

The benefit? Use the money for healthy organic food instead of an expensive diet plan you truly don't need.

#6: Higher Energy Levels

Eating healthy helps to regulate blood sugar levels that stabilize your energy levels eliminating the ups and downs of sugar highs and crashes. Further, higher levels of nutrition and the proper ratio of healthy fats tops off the higher energy level benefits.

With higher energy levels comes more physical activity which becomes a cycle of health.

Hit the gym AFTER you've changed to a healthy diet!

#5: Weight Loss

Weight loss is a side effect of health, not the other way around.

We can't look at weight loss, weight gain or the benefits of eating healthy outside the context of the foods we eat. They are all interconnected.

A major benefit of eating healthy is that you will lose weight. There is no question about that. But the foods must be low glycemic, whole organic fruits and veggies, with good ratios of healthy fats which you can get from grass fed meats. Cheap food won't cut it!

#4: Lower Intake of Sugar and Lower Glycemic Load

The glycemic load of a food is a measurement of how much a food raises blood glucose levels after eating it. This sugar and glycemic load is the real reason for obesity and just plain being overweight.

Just look at the labels of the food you buy, and you'll be shocked at how much sugar you're consuming without your knowledge or consent. They can come in the form of plain old sugar, or high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup and a host of other similar names.

#9: Promotes Personal Confidence and Empowerment

Taking control of your health through informed conscious choice is an amazing feeling. No longer will you need to outsource your health to a ridiculous diet plan or count calories. You own this!

#8: Proper Balance of Fatty Acids

This is one of the most significant benefits of eating healthy. Why? Because it's one of the things that has changed the most in our modern processed food diet.

But it's not just because of fast food, it's because of the un-natural way we raise livestock which has shifted the balance of fatty acids drastically in the meats we consume.

The benefit of balancing the fatty acids in your diet through healthy eating is that it can reduce inflammatory responses in your body helping you to lose weight, reduce (or eliminate) inflammation and reduce (or eliminate) autoimmune disorders.

#7: You Can Pay the Farmer or Pay Your Doctor

Let's face it...when grandma told you that "an apple a day will keep the doctor away", she wasn't kidding. If you eat the right healthy foods, you'll spend less time at the doctors just makes sense. Spending less for doctor visits and medications will save you plenty of money over buying healthy organic food.