The Weight Loss Mindset

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The first step in healthy weight management is the correct weight loss mindset.

This article will help you embark on a paradigm shift to move your focus and attention away from the surface-level goal of "weight loss" or "weight gain" (planted in your head through propaganda and advertisements) to the deeper and more important goal of achieving optimum health.

Making this shift in focus drives a change in fundamental thought patterns. It fuels a thirst for knowledge to become more healthy. Knowledge drives decision making on a daily basis. Good decision making leads to habit which becomes a healthy life style.

The weight loss mindset translates to healthy weight loss through the formation of new eating habits -- new eating habits transforms your health incrementally always in a positive way -- your newfound level of optimum health now becomes the minimum acceptable state -- this new minimum standard of health transforms your life permanently without the ups and downs or "the rollercoaster".

Oh, and the weight that you wanted to lose? You achieved that goal along the a byproduct or consequence of optimum health.

Think You Have A Good Weight Loss Mindset?

Your weight loss mindset has a significant influence on your outcomes and how easy or hard your desired outcomes are to achieve.

Sometimes, the mindsets you think are positive can sabotage your success and you may not even know it.

The wrong mindsets can be extremely frustrating because it is very difficult to identify what is making your journey so difficult. The weight loss mindset I am referring to is based on a shift in focus...a shift of where you put your thoughts and energy.

Quite simply: 1. It's a shift from focusing on what you don't want to what you do want and, 2. It's a shift from focusing on surface level-goals to the true deep desire that drives the surface-level goals you want to achieve.

Losing Weight

Weight Loss Mindset of "Losing Weight"

Most people looking to drop those extra pounds focus on "losing weight". The problem in this common scenario is that the focus is on weight. Whether the focus is to gain it or lose it really doesn't matter...your energy and focus is in the wrong place. 

This puts us on the path of acting in the avoidance of gaining more weight doesn't it? This is fear-based. It leads to failure and feelings of shame and guilt if accomplishments (or even small improvements) are not made or not made at the pace hoped for.

This focus creates feelings of doubt, of being out of control and that the journey to the land of skinniness is an impossible journey fraught with un-passable obstacles. And, of course, the pain of calorie counting and hunger.

This is certainly not sustainable or empowering.

This weight loss mindset is undermining your true power to transform, although on the surface, "losing weight" appears to be a good and worthy weight loss mindset to have...the path to failure is hidden in plain sight.

For those that do lose weight, it's usually temporary and the "roller coaster" ride continues.

Weight Loss Mindset of "Achieving Optimum Health"

Shifting the focus from "losing weight" to "achieving health" and building a healthy body changes everything.

Losing weight is a side effect of health, not the other way around. 

This re-focus of achieving health gets you what you really want by placing your energy and thoughts to the foundation of what you truly want. Focusing on health guides the eating decisions you make every day and it will also guide you to the knowledge to get you the result of that which you are focusing on.

As you become more healthy, small incremental improvements are manifesting and the weight drops off as a byproduct of your internal compass guiding you to the success of building health.

You begin to feel empowered and proud and your body feels energetic and invigorated. This fuels your desire for even more and a burning determination to accomplish your goal manifests in the most positive way. You're in control. You're confident. You're seeing results. Nothing can stop you now!

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